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Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Develop Your Own Customized Hair Regimen To Manage Your Natural Hair... (even if you've just big chopped) 

This Will Still Work If You HATE Managing Your Hair And NEVER Want To Deal With Your Hair Yourself!

So, How do You Find a Working Regimen
That Will Help You To Solve

All Of Your Natural Hair Problems?!

From the Desk of Gladia’s Naturelle 

Hey Beautiful!

If you’d like to identify all of your natural hair problems and create a system to get the results you MOST desire, then this will be the most exciting page you’ll ever read.  

Here’s why….

Do you want to know how to manage your natural hair every day of the week?

In the next couple of minutes I’m going to explain to you why it’s important you know how to manage your natural hair.  
Did you know… 
"One in four black women have difficulty finding products for their hair - more than half have not been able to find products for their hair. "

O.M.G…But Why?! 


You big chopped and you don't know what to do from there. 
Your hair is now extremely damaged, tangled all the time, and you can't seem find the right hair products for your hair.

Which means your hair isn’t ever growing the way you want it to and has become physically impossible to comb through your hair without the right products or techniques


You REALIZE that there are so just way too many routines, products, and noise out there about for black hair on the internet that it has become a challenge navigating this world and making sense of it all. 

After all your research online, you just ended up feeling bombarded by the amount of information you find and you have no clear PATH on how to proceed with your healthy hair journey or how to put it together, especially when there's so many different classifications of hair types!  

This means you will STAY STUCK buying a whole bunch of UNNECESSARY hair products that ends up COSTING you hundreds of dollars

You end up giving up on your natural hair journey because you're overwhelmed, and worst of all, you've proved your HATERS right - that it won't work!


Your hair is stubborn and dry even after trying EVERYTHING! Because of this, you feel insecure about your natural hair. 

Your hair is an awkward stage of hair growth and after your big chop you don't have any idea what to do and you’re worried your hair won’t thrive

And it scares you because that means your hair won’t advance out of the awkward stage. It won’t grow the way you want it to and it will become physically impossible to comb through your hair without the right tools and techniques. 
Fortunately for you... I've found the formula for a better way. 
Regularly this is priced at $97, but right now it’s just $47. 

This is the ONE product that will solve ALL of your natural hair problems listed above; eliminating your fears and worries, and now...

It's HERE!
But Where Did It Start Exactly...
When there's so much information out there to narrow down anything to specifics? all started when I began my search on Google trying to find answers to being natural. At the time, around 2009 - 2011, there just wasn't enough information out there for kinky, natural hair.

At the time, I had a 3-year old daughter with beautiful, soft and luscious curls that had reached down her waist when stretched and my baby boy was only a year old with his cute, curly hair that formed into a mohawk. 

They were both natural while I was relaxing (or perming) my hair with chemicals that burned my scalp on a monthly basis for about 19 years. 

That’s all I knew. 
But, I really loved my daughter’s hair and I knew I NEVER wanted to put any chemicals that could potentially damage her hair. I thought everyone around me shared the same sentiments as I did until I was shockingly asked, on multiple occasions too, “When are you going to perm her hair?” or “I can’t wait for you to relax her hair because she would be so beautiful”

So...Google took me to countless blog posts that just listed one to two things to do with your hair that BARELY even solved any of my own hair issues or insecurities. 

I was watching YouTube tutorial's and the YouTuber's I was watching already had soft hair, contrary to my hair, which felt and looked like Brillo Pads...

I was buying several hair products that were being recommended and I ended up spending so much money on products that were not working on my hair! Each new experiment was becoming very expensive, discouraging, and/or miserable.

Then, I fell upon the YouTuber Naptural85, also known as Whitney White, who was documenting her own natural hair journey. I became completely intrigued by her natural hair process.

I happened to find her very first video post called “My Natural Hair Journey” and it was about her transition from having relaxed hair like mines to having beautiful luscious curls like my daughter! 
I was amazed and I wondered ‘What was she doing and how?!!!’ And for the first time, I felt hopeful about my hair because I had finally found someone who had hair like mines and I was ready to learn everything she was doing. 

I grabbed a pair of scissors, identified the patterns of my natural hair compared to my straight hair, and from the point where they met, I clipped my hair right off! 

When I was done, I grabbed my perm rods, which is similar to rollers, sectioned my hair, and rolled my 2-3 inches of hair in it like I remember one YouTuber doing it. 

Then I let my hair air-dry overnight and the next day when I took them out my hair looked absolutely amazing. They were soft, curly, and soooo pretty. I couldn’t contain my excitement. And I couldn’t believe it was all my hair - my natural hair!!! 

For the very first time in my life I felt so free, and beautiful, and CONFIDENT. 

But most importantly, now that my daughter is old enough, she can do her own hair and all she wants to do is rock her hair in her beautiful curls and we tend to wear our hair the same way.

This helped me to create my natural hair framework...
Hey boo, 
I'm Gladia's Naturelle
I know how frustrating it can be to waste hours trying to figure out all the pieces to your natural hair, which is why I created a natural hair methodology, developed from tried and tested strategies.  

After my first big chop, my hair grew to shoulder length in 2-years. The second time I chopped it off, due to heat damage, I was more confident and more KNOWLEDGEABLE that my hair grew to shoulder length in only 6-months!

I find GREAT pride researching about our natural hair through both scientific and personal experiences to help keep me and my community informed on a regular basis. 

When you want to grow healthy, beautiful, and thriving hair, don't mess around with anyone but the best at developing a natural hair regimen.

And I have everything you need to help you develop the confidence to rock your natural hair, to build a regimen that works specific for you, and to help you to become a role model to the people you love - and to those around you who are secretly admiring you from afar!
But don’t take my word for it. 
Take a look at what these Naturelle’s had to say… 
Imagine how different your natural hair would look and feel if you could...
 Understand the moisture level of your hair so you could have soft, luscious curls that will make you feel so proud and confident that you’ll probably outperform yourself at work and ultimately earn that raise.
 Identify your unique curl pattern and understand the protein level of your hair so that your hair can be healthy and strong.
 Learn how to narrow down the right products for your hair to keep you from becoming a “product junkie” and from spending too much money on products that aren’t compatible with your hair - saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars over time!  
 Through our 7-step simple methodology you’re able to develop your hair regimen in just one week! You can spend more time with your family before rushing out the door for your day to day activities
 We've done all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to developing your regimen in record time! You won’t need to waste your time joining a whole bunch of hair groups just to get one-word answers to your burning questions.  
 Get rid of the pain of having to sit for hours at a hair salon that claims to know how to manage your natural hair only for your hair to turn out worse than how you started! Save yourself the heartache sis, and do it yourself…because you will now know the correct techniques and strategies to work for your hair and your hair alone.
 Discover simple protective hair styles so you don't have to spend long hours doing your hair…because that deep, throbbing, burning arm pain you get from holding your hand up to style your hair is real-real baby! 😩
 Be the talk of the town sis! After you've build up your self confidence and the knowledge about your hair, it will begin to show in a big way and everyone who ever doubted you will start to envy you! Be their inspiration! 
 And MUCH, MUCH more!!
Are you Ready? 
Let me Introduce you To....
The Ultimate Guide To Rockin' That Naturelle Hair!!!
Yes! Get ready to IDENTIFY and ADDRESS ALL the core problems to your natural hair. Quickly create your own customized natural hair regimen without figuring it out from scratch on your own. Do this within a few hours and save yourself a load of time and money. All it takes is applying the exact steps laid out in this ebook 
(it’s easy to read & methodical)
Here's What You'll Get...
The Ultimate Guide To Rockin' 
That Naturelle Hair
You will analyze your hair, diagnose the problems, and develop an effective, strategic plan of action to creating a 3, 6, and 12-month regimen! 

You'll know the exact steps to take to help stop hair breakage, hair loss, find compatible hair products for your hair, and to conquer every other possible hair problem there is... in only 7-steps! 
BONUS CHAPTER: "Hair Loss & How To Deal With It"
Hair loss is a common struggle many of us face, or will face in our lifetime. 

We've included a bonus chapter to help you to identify when you may be beginning to show signs of hair loss. And you'll know how to deal with it head on.
Claim Your eBook Now and
Get These FREE Bonuses(you WON'T get this offer anywhere else!)
Bonus #1: 
Quick & Easy Access Guide

The Quick & Easy Guide To Develop Your Customized Hair Regimen | Three Part Audio Training

Want to fill out your calendar faster than ever? This guide will help you to breakdown the context in this ebook so you can develop your regimen even faster.'ll be able to choose the audio specific to your hair's curl pattern!!
Bonus #2: 
'Level Up To Grow' Training
Level Up To Grow Training Course | (2-in-1 Book includes "Boost Up Your Confidence Sis" & "Cut Out The Negativity

This complete training includes two powerful books to help you to "Boost Up Your Confidence Sis" so you can feel unapologetically comfortable in who you are and to teach you how to ultimately "Cut Out The Negativity" so you can block out the people who aren't being positive on your beautiful journey.
Bonus #3: Private Access To Facebook Group
Private Access To "I Am Naturelle (Get Step-By-Step Natural Hair Guidance) Facebook Group Page

Our facebook group page consist of over 7,000 like-minded #Naturelles just like you. We are here to support you and answer all the questions that you may have so you can stay on course with your natural hair journey!
Bonus #4: Master Your Natural Hair Journey
Master Your Natural Hair Journey (Home Study Course)

In this 8-module course, we are taking you down the visual path of where you need to be. You will know how to address your confidence level, the breakdowns of how your hair curls. Upon completion you earn your "Certificate of Natural Hair"!!!  
These BONUSES are NOT available anywhere...
It's the icing on the cake and I want you to have YOUR piece. However...
  • The longer you wait, the more you'll be spending your HARD earned money on products that just doesn't work for you - STOP wasting your money NOW!!
  • On average, hair grows at half an inch a month, or 6 inches a year. This rate can be affected by genetics, health, hormones, or hair damage so the longer you wait, the SLOWER your hair would grow if you delay the process...
  • What will you give to feel BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT about your hair? This won't happen if you don't finally GIFT yourself the tools that are RIGHT for you to help you achieve the results you ALWAYS want!
Time Is Of The Essence...
limited time offer!
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
No Questions Asked! I 100% guarantee that you'll love this ebook
or I'll return your $47 and let you keep the ebook anyway.

Sounds fair...
Grab Your Copy Now 
Before The Time Runs Out...
Thanks for reading this letter and I really hope you enjoy the ebook!

With Love,  
- Gladia's Naturelle 

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

This 104 page gem will normally sell for $97. This introductory price of $47 is a “Buy it now before the time runs out” offer, so act fast! 

P.P.S. Let me ask you a question: If you pass on this offer, 30-days from today how far away will you be from achieving your personal natural hair goals? 

For you to grow your hair, combat dryness, and to find your compatible hair products...I GUARANTEE that you WON'T get far! It literally took me 8-years to develop a SOLID system for myself and to learn the different elements of my hair, BUT now it will take YOU just 7-steps.  

ALL you need is a step-by-step instruction, guidance, and encouragement. And we got it ALL in this package.  

Get this ebook now and have it in your hands today! Because 30-days from today you will be bragging about how you thought you couldn’t figure out your hair and now you’re getting actual results! 

Act Now! Buy Now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING eBook!
  • "The Ultimate Guide To Rockin' That Naturelle Hair" ebook Develop your regimen in only 7-steps! ($97 Value)
  • Bonus 1: The Quick & Easy Guide To Develop Your Customized Hair Regimen | Three Part Audio Training ($197 Value)
  • Bonus 2: Level Up To Grow Training Course | 2-in-1 Book includes "Boost Up Your Confidence Sis" & "Cut Out The Negativity" ($197 Value)
  • Bonus 3: Private Access To "I Am Naturelle (Get Step-By-Step Hair Guidance)" Facebook Group Page ($197 Value)
  • Bonus 4: Master Your Natural Hair Journey Home Study Course | 8-Video Modules ($197 Value)
Total Value: $838
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $47
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