How Acupuncture Relieved My Headache

August 21, 2017

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So I had a really bad migraine one day. My headaches are usually triggered when I’m expecting my "friend". Who’s my "friend" you ask? Well, it’s a complicated situation. She is usually known as my enemy, who visits me once a month, precisely every 25-27 days. HOW-E-VUH! (in the voice of the character Franklin from the T.V. show My Wife and Kids). There are days where I must say that I desperately look forward to her visit and that is when she’s considered my "dearest friend". When she doesn't come around, I would be on my knees praying hard to the Lord God Almighty asking him to do me this favor by sending me my "friend". Because, as you may have guessed, I’m caught in a pickle...


So during my frantic attempt to take control of the situation, I would take extreme measures by going as far as fasting from my husband, whose actually the main cause of my problem (I’m bias…I know) until she, my "friend", comes. Fasting from my husband, you ask? Yes…you read right, I fast from my husband for one whole month. No touching, no cuddling, and forget about all that sweet talking nonsense…I-don’t-want-to-hear-none-of-it! Not even an old style grandma kiss….just plain-Jane, in my very plain, oversized, granny underwear, paired with a raggedy, purple floral muumuu set. Can you imagine how unattractive I’m really trying to be here? LMBO! But that’s just until I am sure I’m in the clear…


Anyways…I digressed…so where was I?


My "friend", right…it is during this time when I'd experience these horrific headaches.


My normal routine in a situation like this would be to drink lots of water, and when it gets real bad I turn off all the lights in my room, including the TV, to help reduce any light sensitivity. I shut my door and I BEG for complete silence. Then I would lie down in bed and nap away. Within an hour or so I’m as good as new.


But this time I was not home. I am at work with this excruciating pain. Fortunately enough, I work at a Holistic office with Dr. Elena Klimenko – owner of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Medical PC.


When I told her I had a right-sided migraine that grew worst as I worked, she offered me to have acupuncture. Marc Bystock, the health coach of Slim Script Weight Loss Program, did the test. They explained to me that a very thin needle, as thin as a strand of hair, would be placed in high pressure points on my body. The concentrated energy trapped in one particular area of my body would be dispersed evenly to another less energized area. Thereby promoting increased blood flow, which would inevitably give me the therapeutic relief I needed.


This treatment, I learned, was performed centuries ago by many different cultures; however, no one ever understood why it really worked. According to my own personal experience it felt more like a spiritual connection that translated physically where the ying-yang of energy between my body and the environment intertwined to restore back the equilibrium within my body.


To be honest, I was quite skeptical. Granted, anything new to me is usually nerve-racking, but at this point I desperately seeked relief. I’m the type of person who, of later years, avoid taking medications at all cost. It would be my last resort. I have never believed in masking my pain, but by curing the problem. I wasn’t always like this though; I use to take Advil for the tiniest bit of pain when I was younger. Advil basically use to be my crack. Don’t judge me. I know I had problems, LOL


Next thing I knew I’m told to lie down…lights were dimmed and the needles were placed as followed:


·       One on my right temple

·       One on the right side on my forehead above my eyebrows

·       One between my thumb and forefingers on each hand

·       Two behind my neck

·       And one on each foot


I barely felt the needles. I later notice a very slight tingling feeling around some areas, which Mr. Bystock assured me, was normal. It is also a desirable effect that confirmed the treatment was working. A heat light was also placed over both my feet to help promote circulation to aid in this therapeutic effect.


Making long story short, after about 20-minutes, I went from almost going home due to my inability to focus, to staying at work an extra 45-minutes after my shift ended. Needless to say but I felt better. And I may actually do this again, because it certainly exceeded my expectations.


I do recommend acupuncture to everyone, because I was blown away by how this technique helped relieve me from my headache in minutes. It was painless, quick, and more importantly – there were NO adverse reactions! I’m so thankful and grateful to have experience something simple yet effective that has contributed to helping me to live as clean, healthy, and as pure as possible.


Have you had acupuncture? Please share your experience with me in the comments below.




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